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To show our appreciation of your travel buying talents with us we decided to “give back” to you with a weekly contest…WOW!! A weekly contest with prizes ranging from travel gift cards to credits with us right here at Affordable Travel. Each week we will randomly choose a great prize, spin the drum and choose another winner from our Affordable Travel membership. Remember, membership really does have it’s rewards and those rewards will be announced right here every Friday. Now, we can hear your thoughts right through the screen and you’re wondering “How do I get in on this?” In a word, simple. Whenever you purchase a vacation with us, your name gets entered into the draw. If you refer a friend to Affordable, you also get entered into the draw and if your best friend who you just referred to us buys a vacation then you’re entered again but this time your best friend also gets entered into the draw. Large scheming families are more than welcome to enter as much as they want and if you’re not currently a member with us we make it easy for you to get started.

Let the weekly contest begin!

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