Belize is situated on the Caribbean coast of Central America. It is bordered by the world’s second largest barrier reef and is characterized by a rich diversity of sea and landscapes and an abundance of flora and fauna. A tropical climate with wet and dry seasons is the natural factor that makes Belize such an appealing vacation destination. Sunwing will assist you in planning your ideal vacation package. Take advantage of the archaeological wonders as you explore the Mayan ruins. Explore adventure on the Belize Barrier Reef as you scuba dive and snorkel. Go kayaking, rafting or fishing on your choice of a number of rivers in Belize. Experience an eco-adventure at one of the many jungle and wildlife reserves. Discover another type of wildlife at Belize’s many bars and clubs. Savour the countless mouthwatering cuisines served at a myriad of restaurant choices. A trip to Belize affords the opportunity to soak up a diverse society of many cultures and spoken languages while enjoying the convenience of the official spoken language of English. You will truly enjoy a vacation to this paradise.

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