Venezuela is a tropical vacation destination located on the northern coast of South America. It is comprised of a continental mainland with a number of islands off its coastline in the Caribbean Sea. Venezuela is nicknamed the “Land of Grace”, a name coined by Christopher Columbus. He declared that, in discovering Venezuela, he had discovered paradise.

Venezuela is unique. Its variation of landscape includes stretches of the Andes; huge areas of Amazonian rainforests; extensive, fertile plains called llanos; miles of Caribbean shoreline, major river systems; a small desert; and the famous Venezuela tepuis. This range in habitats results in significant biodiversity. Venezuela boasts the world’s tallest waterfall, Angel Falls, and South America’s largest lake, Lake Maracaibo.

Rich in heritage, culture and the arts, as well as resplendent with natural wonders, Venezuela is a traveler’s Mecca. Venezuela offers innumerable popular tourist destinations, abundant activities and tours, as well as the opportunity to peacefully explore its ecological wonder. A visit to Columbus’ paradise will leave you eager to return.

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