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AffordableTravel.ca offers Escorted Tour?
Escorted Tours are our most popular product. Escorted tours are normally conducted by a tour director who takes care of all services from beginning to end of the tour. Escorted tours normally include flights, hotels, transportation, transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing. Escorted tours are typically conducted by motor coach( call 1-403-275-4116 to reserve your seat) They can be fast-paced, with no more than 2 nights spent in each location, or more leisurely, with more time spent overnight at each locale.

AffordableTravel.ca offers Independent Vacations?
These vacations usually spend 2 or 3 nights in each location visited and usually only a few locations are visited. A tour guide is not included, but there is a host available to answer questions and suggest sightseeing. Few meals and some sightseeing are included, but a lot of free time to explore is available. These vacations (call 1-403-275-4116 to reserve your seat) are ideal for independent travelers looking to set their own pace.

AffordableTravel.ca offers Religious Tours ..For many, traveling abroad is a spiritual experience visiting magnificent cathedrals, ancient temples and other historic religious sites can have a profound effect on anyone that encounters them. Increasingly, though, Americans are planning international vacations specifically designed to explore their religion and deepen their faith.

In response, escorted travel companies have introduced specific itineraries that focus on the Holy Land, biblical sites, Catholic cathedrals and Italian shrines. Globus, a pioneer in escorted travel since 1928, has emerged a leader in worldwide faith-based travel as well. The company established a religious travel division in 2004. It has steadily increased its religious vacation offerings and now boasts dozens of departure dates throughout the year.

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In 2007, Globus unveiled the findings of an extensive study about the U.S. market for international religious vacations. Here are just a few highlights from the Globus Religious Travel Study, conducted by Menlo Consulting Group, Inc.:

  • One-third of all international travelers are likely to take a religious vacation in the future.
  • One in 10 international pleasure travelers have already been abroad on a faith-based vacation.
  • More than 40 percent of all American international pleasure travelers have at least some desire to get in touch with their religious heritage while traveling.
  • Half of all religious travelers are Protestant, and one-quarter are Roman Catholic.More than two-thirds of religious travelers say they are active in their church, temple or synagogue.
  • Israel tops the list (35 percent) of countries that travelers have already visited on a faith-driven trip, followed by Italy (12 percent) and Greece (11 percent).
  • Israel is the most cited (54 percent) desirable destination for religious trips. Italy (41 percent) is also a top contender of desirable destinations, along with England (28 percent).

What to Expect on a Religious Tour

Faith-based tours aren’t all religion, all of the time. On a one- to two-week itinerary, you can expect several sightseeing visits to spiritual sites, accompanied by expert commentary from your tour director or local guides. But you’ll also enjoy traditional sightseeing, as well, such as a tour of Cairo’s Great Pyramids, a scenic Rhine River cruise or a drive around Ireland’s Ring of Kerry.

You’ll also enjoy plenty of free time for exploration on your own. Stops for shopping at popular markets may be included, and you’ll probably enjoy at least one festive dinner with entertainment on your tour. Carefully review the day-by-day itinerary, as well as What’s Included, so you’ll know exactly what to expect each day of your tour.

Often on tours catering to Catholic denominations, it’s not unusual to find a priest among your fellow travelers. Time can be carved out for short daily Masses. Otherwise, your tour director will know what times Masses are held at the various churches and shrines you’ll visit.

On tours catering to Jewish travelers, activities are curtailed during the Sabbath from sundown on Friday evening through sundown on Saturday. At mealtime, care is taken to offer at least one dish that does not mix meat and milk; pork and shellfish are generally not served.

Naturally, other travelers on your faith-based trip likely have similar spiritual interests. That can lead to many interesting conversations over group meals, during sightseeing visits and while you’re traveling together by motorcoach. Many travelers cite the fellowship and new friends they make on religious trips as one of the highlights of their vacation.

AffordableTravel.ca offers About Adventure Tours

Hiking Peru’s Inca Trail…scuba diving in Belize…climbing the highest peak in Southeast Asia…surfing in Costa Rica…if any or all of these adrenaline-charged activities appeal to you, consider making adventure travel part of your next vacation.

Outdoor activities — whether it’s trekking, biking, hiking, boating or camping — add an exciting element to travel. For every tourist who simply wants to lie on a beach, tour museums, go shopping or eat their way through a country, there are many travelers who wouldn’t dream of giving up exercise while on the road. With an adventure tour, not only are you enjoying the great fresh air in the outdoors while exercising your body, you’re making some pretty incredible memories with your traveling companions, too. After all, imagine the stories you’ll be able to tell after you conquer the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro or conquer your fear of small spaces after caving in Central America!

Adventure tours typically take participants off the beaten path. Because activities are usually based in remote locations, you’ll learn so much about local culture and customs on an adventure tour. Operators that specialize in adventure travel offer itineraries that have been honed over several years, and tour leaders and local outfitters have their clients’ safety in mind at all times.

When you choose an adventure-filled itinerary, take note of the skill and ability levels that the tour operator recommends. While some adventure tours might welcome novices of the sport, many do require some level of fitness. You certainly don’t want to show up in a foreign country unprepared to trek across mountains for several miles a day! Make sure you read and re-read the itinerary carefully, so you know exactly what you’ll be doing each day — and confirm that you’re game for the type of accommodations (sometimes rustic) and meals (sometimes basic) that you’re paying for. If you’re physically and mentally prepared for adventure travel, this type of vacation can be incredibly rewarding.

AffordableTravel.ca offers The New Way To Travel VIP Style

  • Private chartered flight to each city destination
  • Deluxe coaches 100ft from plane when landing
  • Transfers to and from hotels Included
  • Local, experienced tour guides
  • All in one packaged price

We are happy to introduce a completely new concept in travel, Air Touring. Save time and experience more of what you want by replacing the standard tour bus with a private plane. Once you land, a rental car or motorcoach will be plane side to pick you up and take you to your destination. call 1-403-275-4116 to reserve your seat

AffordableTravel.ca offers Experience Rail Tours

Rail tours offer a unique type of vacation in which much of the transportation is conducted via rail. Trains have been a fascination of many for years and with these select rail journeys you will get to experience the wondrous view, comfort and excitement of a train with the in-depth experience of a hosted or escorted tour.

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AffordableTravel.ca offers Family tours are designed to incorporate quality family time, engaging family cultural experiences, sightseeing and education brought to families in a fun environment for children and adults alike all the while traveling with like minded families creating lifelong bonds. Many tours include a mix of activities and down time for rest and relaxation while on vacation. Day-by-day itineraries are crafted with all ages in mind. Family vacations are available in worldwide destinations. Travelers of all ages can relax in the Hawaiian Islands, learn about American history in Washington, D.C., spot toucans in the Costa Rican jungle or tour ancient castles in Europe.

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What You Can Expect on a Family Tour

While the details of each escorted-tour itinerary vary among tour operators and destinations, typically on a tour designed for families, you will enjoy the following:

Centrally located hotel accommodations that are in the middle of all the action, often with kid-friendly amenities, such as swimming pools or game rooms.

Included or optional activities that appeal to all age ranges, from snorkeling in Hawaii and game-viewing in Africa to horseback riding in Arizona and gelato tasting in Italy. (Some itineraries include “kids only” activities, as well.)

A leisurely pace to provide time for family bonding and learning. (Few early morning wake-up calls ensure non-cranky travelers.)

A friendly tour director who will smooth the way for you, sharing expert commentary throughout your vacation.

The opportunity to meet like-minded families who share similar interests (on most family tour itineraries, only adults with children are allowed on the trip).

Buffet meals or menus with kid-friendly options for picky palates.

Free time for your family to enjoy explorations on your own.

As always, check the day-by-day itinerary and “What’s Included” information to confirm exactly what comes with the price of your vacation.

Age Minimums for Family Tours

The escorted travel companies that offer specific family trips have different minimum ages required for travel. While on tour, there may be some age restrictions for included or optional activities, such as horseback riding, river rafting or snorkeling; ask an AffordableTours.com travel consultant for details.

The Benefits of Traveling with Children

Indeed, traveling with children on lengthy plane flights, through multiple time zones and then bunking in strange beds, can, frankly, have its touchy moments. But the benefits of taking your children on a trip far outweigh any “what if” concerns.

Here are just a few reasons to plan your escorted family vacation this year:

Kids love spending time with you. At home it’s too easy to get distracted by housework or office obligations. On vacation, you have fabulous quality time with your whole family, with opportunities to carve out some one-on-one time with each child if you like.

Children are learning, and they don’t know it! Seeing important historic buildings in Europe or getting acquainted with the environment in Central America doesn’t seem like “education” when it’s in the form of exciting day trips and adventures. They’ll be introduced to different cultures and foods, broadening their horizons along the way and learning so much more than if they simply read about locales in school textbooks.

You’re making amazing memories. Years and even decades after family vacations, your children will still be able to tell funny stories about the time that Dad tried surfing in Hawaii, even Grandma climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the entire family spotted elephants on safari. Travel often inspires lifelong memories.

Introduce the concept of traveling to your children now, and they will grow up understanding that there is a huge world outside of their hometown. They’ll have firsthand experiences that they can take with them to college and beyond, and then pass down their love of travel to their own children and grandchildren!



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