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The travel industry continues to evolve with some travelers enjoying pre-designed itineraries and others seeking a personalized experiences to immerse them in local culture, local cuisine and local experiences

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Rainbow Destination.com envision a world which embraces marriage equality and we strive to inspire others through our dedicated service and actions.

RainbowDestination.com is dedicated to providing products, resources and information networking to same-sex couples who seek to affirm their life-long commitments to each other through commitment ceremonies, civil unions, domestic partnerships, civil marriage and other alternative weddings.

In carrying out our day-to-day business, we treat our customers with dignity and respect and commit ourselves to lead as an agent of change toward equal rights for the GLBT community.

You and your partner have come out (in most cases!), met each other, fallen in love, gotten engaged, and picked a date. Though you’ve covered great distances, you are now finding that you’ve actually only just begun and “square one” is staring you in the face. You are asking yourselves:

“We’ve come this far and know we want to build the gay wedding of our dreams, but what is next? Where do we begin?”

This is actually one of the top five questions we receive from our lesbian brides and gay grooms. And, generally, one of our first answers is: find a great book to help you with your planning.

We find that most couples are so excited about beginning the process that they jump ahead of themselves and are already shopping for invitations with a date in mind before confirming an officiate or securing a location for the ceremony or reception.

Generally, it all works out in the end, but we strongly advise couples to start their planning by discussing these basic questions:

* How much money do we want to spend? Do we have access to that money or need to consider other options?

* What kind of wedding & reception do we want to have? Small, medium or large? Day or night? Formal or informal?

* What time of year do we want to do this?

* Are we both in agreement on what the day will represent and how we’ll each be involved in the planning and development of the event?

By setting a realistic budget (money goes fast in preparing a celebration like this!), spending time communicating with each other about what you have in mind, and thinking about the parameters of your event, you can then begin taking steps toward finding a location and setting a date.

Perhaps, at this point, you may also have realized that you’d like some extra planning support. Our wedding planners can have connections and ideas through their work in this industry and can help you overcome or avoid hard lessons learned the first time you plan a wedding (yours!), which is no small feat, and requires a skill set all its own.

Either way, having a good sense of what you want your day to represent and spending some time with the “boring” details early on can make all the difference in how the planning plays out!  If you still want help and are interested in working with us call 403-275-4116 “some of the most knowledgeable experts on commitment ceremonies in the country

As the traditions of wedding etiquette have evolved along with the times, it is becoming more acceptable for couples to register in their own way

to reflect their needs or values.

The one bit of etiquette which hasn’t changed is that it’s considered gauche to list where your registered on your invitation so you may just have to get creative with how you spread the word about where you’re registered!

Planning Your Dream Honeymoon?

You and your partner have worked hard to plan your ceremony and reception. Don’t forget to take some time off once the hard work and exciting wedding day is complete call 1-403-275-4116 to plan your dream honeymoon.

Happily Ever After You’ve tied the legal or symbolic knot. Now what? Some of you will begin the process of a legal name change. Others may need to re-examine binding contracts, such as wills, health directives, and joint mortgages.

Your wedding day is really only the beginning.

Learn more about what to do next!

Seeking Legal Protection – Starting a Family

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