has been provided by AffordableTravel for over 20 yrs 

LayAway Your Affordable Travel Package TODAY!

Want to Travel but can’t seem to save the money?
AffordableTravel.ca offers exclusive LayAway option is helping thousands of our valued clients achieve their vacation dreams.
  • No Interest
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Payments For Months After You Return
  • Price Protection – if the value of your package increases, you are protected.
  • No Agency Administration Fees

The Affordable Travel.ca for over 20yrs has always offered Affordable Layaway Travel Plan  makes it possible to afford a vacation by putting a monthly payment in your regular household budget.

Spread Your Payments Out

The Affordable Travel.ca LayAway Plan is simply applying a series of payments based on the total cost of your package and the length of time prior to you leaving. Affordable Travel Advisors can assist you with the complete package breakdown, monthly payments and final payment due dates. They handle the complete file for you.

Tour Companies 

The initial deposit for a tour or vacation package is usually $250.00 to $300.00 per person. This would be your first payment. For each trip the initial deposit to the vendor being used must be satisfied before we implement the payment plan. Most tour and vacation package vendors require their final payment 45 days prior to the start of travel. A tour will consist of a package that includes hotel, airfare and transfers with one specified company.  We can counsel you on which alternative is in your best interest. We specialize in all inclusive layaway vacations to places like Bahamas, Antigua, St. Vincent, Jamaica, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic and many more. So you will not only enjoy the benefits of the Affordable Layaway Travel Plan, but the great value of an all inclusive vacation package. Some tour operators do not allow monthly payment plans. Affordable Travel Advisors will discuss this with you.

Disney Parks and Disney Cruises

Plan your amazing Disney experience with one of our Certified Disney Specialists and use our convenient Affordable Layaway Travel Plan.Deposit requirements and airfare will be discussed initially and the package that best suits your families needs will be discussed. Setting your budget, deciding on your package and determining your monthly payment will get you on your Fabulous Disney Adventure before you know it!

Cruise Packages

Cruise lines vary in the initial deposit amount due. The deposit will be different based on the length of the cruise, but the range is usually $150 – $400 per person, with only occasionally having it be higher. We will, of course, make sure you are taking advantage of any and all discounts available at the time you make your reservation. Cruise lines can also include the air cost in the total purchase, so it is never charged as a separate “up front” cost. This is an advantage to those planning a cruise vacation that requires air travel. Cruise lines require their final payment on a trip 75-90 days prior to he departure date depending on the cruise line. Affordable Travel Advisors will discuss all appropriate options that best suit your needs and budget and will make recommendations accordingly. 

Destination Weddings and Group Packages 
This is an amazing way to plan your dream wedding and very special day.
Not only can Affordable Travel Advisors help you with the Payment Plan but they can also assist you in all of the initial wedding planning details.  A Destination Wedding Agreement and Agency Deposit Requirement is separate from the LayAway Payment Plan. 
If you love to travel with a group this is a fabulous service. We will help you determine the location and you can take advantage of the group rates and inclusions.

Plan Ahead

So, in order to get the most benefit out of AffordableTravel.ca Layaway Purchase Plan you will want to give yourself plenty of lead time. Plan today for the trip you will experience 6-10 months from now.

Your Price Protection Guarantee is in place. In the event your package goes up in price you are secure. Your airfare, room and package is guaranteed.

In the event your package goes down in price we do work with selected suppliers that offer price protection. Inclusions and terms and conditions will be discussed with you at the time. 

Affordable Travel.ca  Handles The Accounting For You

AffordableTravel.ca handle the mathematical formula for you because every trip is unique. We also handle the accounting for each of your payments, providing invoices with payments left due for your convenience. There is NO administration charge for this service.

Terms and Conditions

The AffordableTravel.ca Program of each plan is unique. Again, each package is individual. You will be explained the terms and conditions of your package based on the tour operator or cruise line criteria. It is important to realize that your package is indeed booked once your first payment is applied. Loss of payment, deposit and cancellation criteria will vary. This will be explained to you in detail once your package is determined and prior to booking.

In the unlikely event of a cancellation there is a $50.00 per person agency fee to close your file. This fee is separate from the Terms and Conditions set forth by the supplier.

You are under no obligation unless you decide that the package offered works for you. Please feel free to ask us any questions. Pricing, quotes and availability are not guaranteed until the time of booking and first payment is applied contact  1-403-275-4116  or  e-mail:  aftravel@affordabletravel.ab.ca



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