Grenada is an island in the southeast Caribbean Sea, the largest island of the Grenadines. With a mountainous interior featuring breathtaking waterfalls that flow into small rivers, Grenada features a wide variety of plant and animal life and lush rainforests. Grenada is characterized by a tropical climate that is hot and humid during the rainy season and cooled by trade winds during the dry season. The Grand Anse Beach is considered one of the world’s finest beaches. With Grenada’s idyllic beaches, there is a large emphasis on conventional beach and water sport activities and a growing number of ecologically-related activities and tours. Featuring a wide range of accommodations, Sunwing will certainly be able to meet your hotel desires and expectations. There is a French, African and Indian influence in Grenada’s cuisine. Music, dance and festivals are an integral part of life in Grenada where you will be captured by the friendly openness and spirit of its residents. Allow Sunwing to assist you in planning a magnificent escape to silky beaches, ecological wonders and rich culture.

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