There’s no shortage of selection to choose from with us. Find your next vacation by destination and discover all about the amazing corners of the world you can visit with us. After all, the world is your oyster!

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Top Destinations

With so many options of where to cruise to, we’ve made life a bit simpler and broken our top destinations down for you to explore. Click on the region you want to visit and see all of the cruises we have to offer you!

There is no other place in the world that compares to Alaska. With majestic mountains, breath taking ice fields in Glacier Bay, to a vast array of wildlife and fascinating gold rush history – there`s something for everyone in the 49th state.

Ultimate relaxation is the name of the game in the Caribbean. With tropical white sand beaches and fascinating ports of call, you will be relaxed and rejuvenated in no time on your next cruise

With its abundance of history and incredible attractions, the best way to make the most of your time in this part of the world is by cruising. Explore the riches and beauty of Europe via a cruise and see more castles, art and culture than you ever dreamed possible.

Extraordinarily beautiful and impossibly romantic, Hawaii possesses some of the most exotic landscapes on earth. There`s so much to be seen and experienced in this wondrous land from rainforests, waterfalls, warm turquoise waters, to black and white sand beaches. You’ll see more of Hawaii for less on a Cruise!

A cruise to Mexico and the Panama Canal is no ordinary vacation. Marvel at the incredible engineering of the Panama Canal as you pass through one of the greatest technological achievements of the 20th Century. Experience the unique history and colorful cultures of the region

All Destinations
Take a look at all of our destinations and pick which destination appeals the most to you!

Africa cruises offer travelers the convenience of a resort hotel at sea, while their days are spent canvassing this adventurous land with fun-filled activities. Imagine rolling through sand dunes as Africa offers some of the best off road and all terrain vehicle trails in the world, or you can visit Egypt’s Abu Simbel and discover the sacred Great Temple of Ramses II and the amazing Temple of Hathor.

Arctic / Antarctic
If you take your Arctic cruise in the summer, be prepared to see a vision of ice fells as they glitter white and blue on your trip through the fjords towards Greenland.

An Asia cruise can take you to discover the land of mystery and exoticness. This vast region of cultures, spirituality and traditions would possibly take a lifetime to discover completely, and an Asia cruise can give you a taste of the best!

Australia / New Zealand
An Australia cruise can take you to the hub of fascinating culture, unique culinary experiences, and into the heart of some of the greatest cities ripe with diversity, fascinating architecture, and exotic wildlife. An Australia cruise can take you along the Queensland coast, to the Great Barrier Reef, where you can take a sea plane or helicopter ride over the Daintree Rainforest, party in Arlie Beach, or go diving to explore the underwater caves and the SS Yongala shipwreck. You can also take in Aboriginal art styles along the Tanami Track or take a camel trek through rolling sand dunes in Australia’s Red Centre.

Of course, when on your Bahamas cruise, be prepared to hit the tropical warm waters. Whether you choose to visit the world famous Dolphin Cay, go diving with friends in one of the pristine diving sites, try your hand at kayaking above exotic marine life and coral reefs, or hug a sea lion, being in the water is a necessity! You can also feed stingrays or go snorkeling in an underwater wonderland of colors and exotic sea creatures.

On your Bermuda cruise, if you find yourself in Kings Wharf you’ll be delighted by this picturesque seaside town. Kings Wharf’s Dolphin Quest is the perfect place to become lifelong friends with dolphins and it’s an amazing experience swimming and feeding them. Finally, be sure to catch artisans creating intricate glassware from hot molten glass at the Dockyard Glassworks.

Canada / New England
On your Canada/New England cruise you may find yourself in Newport, the setting of many novels and literary masterpieces! Newport has continued to inspire authors and travelers alike for years due to its picturesque scenery, colonial streets, small town charm and festival atmosphere! Established as the ultimate summer destination centuries ago, Newport continues to thrive as Rhode Island’s gem!

Central America
On your Central America cruise adventure, how you choose to seek excitement and relaxation is entirely up to you! In Costa Rica, you can take a canopy tour and soar on a zipline above tree tops, or even go surfing in Costa Rica’s most famous surf destination, Salsa Brava. For those looking for a different adrenaline rush, you can head to Turrialba and tackle the jungle rivers on a white-water rafting adventure.

Cruise to Nowhere
What’s a cruise to Nowhere you ask? A cruise to Nowhere takes you to the high sea, and nowhere else! A Nowhere cruise doesn’t stop at any port of calls; its destination is simply the sea! If you’re a first time cruiser and just want to dip your toe in cruising, or you just need a short getaway to an oasis of serenity at sea, then a Nowhere cruise is perfect for you!

Middle East
A Middle East cruise can take you to this vast region of mystery and fascination that is woven together with a unique tapestry of cultures, ancient civilizations, and exotic locales. A Middle East cruise offers everything from cities dotted with gold domed mosques and temples, hookah cafes, buildings with artistically tiled mosaics, and sandy dunes in the heart of the desert. A journey on a Middle East cruise takes discerning travelers to a place of gracious hospitality and prime scenic beauty.

Pacific Coastal
A Pacific Coastal cruise can take you to some of North America’s idyllic West Coast cities providing stunning views including the palm fringed coast of Los Angeles, to the rolling hills of San Francisco, and the majestic mountain back drop of Vancouver.

Panama Canal
On a Panama Canal cruise you can experience watching the sun rise over one ocean and then set into another. For your next adventure, picture sailing along one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments. As one of the largest and most difficult engineering projects ever undertaken, the Panama Canal spans 50 miles connecting the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean via the Caribbean Sea.

South Pacific
A South Pacific cruise can take you to some of the most idyllic islands of French Polynesia including Papatee, Bora Bora, Moorea, and more! Moorea accentuates the blue turquoise waters in a rich emerald green oasis, as an island protected by eight majestic mountain ridges!

A Tahiti cruise combines everything from romance, sunshine, immortal beaches, exquisite dining, beautiful lagoons, and blue waters that are ripe with rich coral reefs

Relive the old age romance of sailing the ocean with a Transatlantic cruise, where the voyage itself also becomes an adventure! A Transatlantic cruise is exceptional in not only providing travelers with a unique itinerary of different countries’ ports of calls, but also providing guests with sea days in which exploring the grandeur of the ship is just as exciting as the ports visited!

World Cruises
Experience an unforgettable vacation, and live the ultimate nautical dream with a World cruise! Cross out various dream destinations on your bucket list in one sailing!

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